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Nicolai Ort 2021-02-02 09:15:53 +01:00
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#ee0701 bug ; Something is not working
#cccccc duplicate ; This issue or pull request already exists
#84b6eb enhancement ; New feature
#128a0c help wanted ; Need some help
#e6e6e6 invalid ; Something is wrong
#cc317c question ; More information is needed
#ffffff wontfix ; This won't be fixed
#e11d21 priority:high ; Work on this asap
#0052cc priority:low ; Do this when nothing else has to be done
#fbca04 priority:medium ; Do this as soon as you have some spare time
#000000 status:blocked ; This issue/pr is blocked
#207de5 status:doing ; This issue/pr is being worked on
#006b75 status:review_needed ; This issue/pr needs a review