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2021-08-17 18:57:50 +00:00
### Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. Dates are displayed in UTC.
#### 0.1.0
- Just use the default tailwind [`8a07f0e`](
- Added script for generating tailwind css file [`d3365f4`](
- Split of js to comply with chrome [`78af0c8`](
- Added error alert [`e308b7b`](
- Added basic function for handling errors [`94b3899`](
- Init [`531ebe8`](
- Working in browser [`fe93746`](
- Fixed getting query urls [`06fa44f`](
- Added build pipeline [`66ecf81`](
- Added readme [`e808cd3`](
- Added release config [`7a79db6`](
- Added license [`e06c6dd`](
- Added comments [`acb7b41`](
- Updated basic package stuff [`b541c86`](
- Updated project structure [`b1758b9`](
- Added error alert logic [`c48527a`](
- Removed bs copy [`7e13a81`](
- Added error message for generic errors [`4fb608a`](
- Tailwind config [`06fcd33`](
- Added build scripts [`7df1142`](
- Added logic for the new target input [`cb5cbac`](
- Added gitignore [`2d7e10d`](
- Added package build step [`1ce2b5b`](
- Added input for target url [`ce2cdb9`](
- Added credits and comments [`435a8bc`](
- Updated icons [`68f2ffa`](
- Added clipboard dependencie [`40156fd`](
- Updated readme [`f138a8c`](
- Changed ui reset order to mitigate flickering/flashing [`c4c9054`](
- Added npm stuff [`824731b`](
- Added dist to gitignore [`5a3e6ae`](
- Comments [`71a6795`](
- Less padding [`4e2a01d`](
- Added url type and required [`97ec6d5`](
- Fixed notification [`e00df8d`](
- Added release script [`bdc1712`](
- Updated readme [`bbdabcb`](
- Added target reset logic [`686f145`](
- Added comments [`1025f6b`](
- Working creation and reset [`859f695`](
- Now using odit image in ci [`2a27b29`](
- Updated copy command [`8e8c71e`](
- Updated used drone image [`030a950`](
- updated build script [`4ff0ffe`](
- No more staticly delivered tailwind [`edbbb63`](
- Updated tailwind import [`b21b119`](
- Now hiding target on submit [`9d0e64f`](
- Slightly wider window [`71f5648`](
- Back to the default url stuff and working reset [`9c7f267`](
- Added base version [`a9bf9b5`](
- Ignore all zips [`d31ccfd`](
- Added tailwind to gitignore [`a51ccba`](
- Added comment [`7c1be9c`](