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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. Dates are displayed in UTC.


  • cleanup invalid track stuff (leftovers from scanclient) c485898
  • bullet-proof login ux ea08127
  • add rst command ee6af3e
  • Settings: reload on lang change e0f400a


8 April 2021


8 April 2021

  • 🚀Bumped version to 0.1.2 9125dec


7 April 2021

  • Sorted translations 🌍 #1
  • 🎉 initial commit b902b08
  • formatting... 866436f
  • Added/updated settings translations b367648
  • 🚀Bumped version to 0.1.1 94ceca9
  • i18n run c5e4fac
  • Added drone file for dev and tag build d809dcb
  • You can now go back to config by typeing cnf 9135090
  • Added top teams by distance page d78e896
  • Added nginx conf for dockerfile b3b06bc
  • Implemented fix for url crashing 7f6134d
  • Added html/template for the top runenry by laptime 3275ae2
  • Added release comand and config ca48959
  • Added track to config abdc510
  • removed unused stuff from the store cb559da
  • Implemented settings dialog de7e96c
  • Added js part of runners by laptime 10b862d
  • User quickstart docs README 19cc7d0
  • Removed license export from drone pipelines e5c51b9
  • Formatting fca7a99
  • added svelte transitions 1f95b8b
  • Added 2-staged dockerfile c83ff39
  • Precommit hooks doing their best to not die 85b40c1
  • Renamed Firma -> Organsiation 3e7b120
  • Added beamershow docker-compose b42684f
  • Updated release-it config cfd64c2
  • Renamed Firma -Y Organsiation 662e31b
  • CNF now opens settings d5ce648
  • Added missing let 70e5f17
  • Added missing let fa35ac8
  • Updated release-it config a7e84c7
  • Added url validation fix 64ce42d
  • removed useless console log fe0cba9