The live linux that helps you run @lfk/scanclient-electron
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✒️ Overview

This is the a live linux distribution that autostarts @lfk/scanclient-electron after boot. Based on the awesome Slax Linux.

🚀 Setup

  1. Download the latest lfk-scanclient-live ZIP and unpack it
  2. Copy the slax folder over to your USB drive
  3. Execute the slax/boot/bootinst.bat (Windows) or slax/boot/ (Linux) Skript to make the usb bootable
  4. Boot your system from the usb stick (legacy mode)

🌳 USB Filesystem Structure

If you followed everything, your USB should look like this:


🛠 Build it yourself

These steps rely on node:alpine, you can adopt them to your own os (mostly for depency installation)

apk add squashfs-tools git zip
yarn download
unsquashfs slax/modules/
rm -rf slax/modules/ squashfs-root/root/lfkscan
mv out/\@lfk-scanclient-electron-linux-x64 squashfs-root/root/lfkscan
mksquashfs squashfs-root slax/modules/ -b 1024k -comp xz -Xbcj x86 -e boot
rm -rf squashfs-root out
zip -r dist/ slax