Some scripts to automate stuff by interacting with the api
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Some fun little scripts to automate tasks regarding the LfK Läufersystem.

Setup 🛠️

pnpm i

Scripts 📜

All of the current scripts - explained



  • Description: Authenticates the user against the backend while setting the OPENAPI objects properties
  • Use-case: Used in all other scripts to reduce code duplication
  • Config: Set the env vars
  • Run: node ./src/shared/login.js


Create fixed scans for group

  • Description: Creates distance scans for all runners of a team or org
  • Use-case: Schools that get their walk to the event location added to their total distance
  • Config: Just set the org id or team id in the first lines of the script
  • Run: node ./src/scans/createFixedScansForGroup.js