runner selfservice portal
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runner selfservice portal



  • Node.js v14.16.0 or newer
  • yarn package manager >= v1.22.10 < 2
  • will be automatically recommended via ./vscode/extensions.json
  • we also provide a config for i18n-ally in the ./vscode/ folder

Fastest Dev Environment

  • You can install the Remote - Containers extension and use all recommended extensions and editor settings via the provided ./devcontainer/ config

Manual Dev Environment

yarn && yarn dev --open

🔨 Environment config

  • copy the /public/env.sample.js file to /public/env.js
  • set the required environment variables
    • documentserver_key: url to the document server instance
    • baseurl: url to the main lfk instance - WITH TRAILING SLASH
    • see @lfk/deployment for a complete deployment guide
    • baseurl_selfservice: location of the selfservice instance - WITH TRAILING SLASH
      • e.g. path: /selfservice/
      • e.g. url: