The official linkylinky chrome extension
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LinkyLinky 4 Chrome

A simple, privacy focused urls shortner

👀 Preview


  • Download the from the lastest release
  • Unzip the file
  • Go to Chrome Extensions (chrome://extensions/)
  • Turn on Developer Options in the top right
  • Click on Load Unpacked in the top left
  • Select the unziped folder ("linkylinky-chrome")

🛠 Dev Setup

Runs on port 3000


yarn dev


npm i
npm run dev

🚢 Build


yarn build
# Optional to create the zip
yarn build:package


npm i
npm run build
# Optional to create the zip
npm run build:package

🏴 Roadmap/ Progress

  • Basic README
  • Publish to git
  • Basic functionality
    • Create generated urls
    • Create custom urls
    • Copy shorturl to deskop
    • Notify on copy
    • Generate another url
    • Disable bot crawling/chat preview on demand
    • Use clientside redirect w/ animation
  • Provide different url
  • Project Logo™
  • Basic error handling
  • Finalize styling
  • Advanced project stuff
    • Purge delivered css
    • Build script
    • Automagic builds via drone
    • Delivery as zip