Url shortner
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LinkyLinky 🔗

A small url shortener, originaly developed for kauft.es


  • Url shortinging to 18-byte hex ids
  • Special shortening "providers" for well-used services

Provider patterns

The base pattern is always baseurl/providerOrShortCode

Provider Pattern Resolves to Example Notes
Native (Shortcode) /id Whatever the database entry points to https://kauft.es/den-hut None
YouTube (Video) /yt/id https://youtu.be/id https://kauft.es/yt/dQw4w9WgXcQ None
YouTube (Playlist) /ytpl/id https://youtube.com/playlist?list=id https://kauft.es/ytpl/PLKIxB9vhdS_3x0A5za3mmu1wdoolgRQ65 Remember: Private playlists will result in user-side errors
Amazon /a/id https://amazon.de/dp/id https://kauft.es/a/B08Z2TXCPY Recognizes all kind of cursed amazon urls (+smile and others)
eBay /e/id https://ebay.de/itm/id https://kauft.es/e/373831556670 Only tested with German eBay
Reddit /r/id https://redd.it/id https://kauft.es/r/4vapin Powered by the awesome work of u/TheAppleFreak https://kauft.es/r/4vapin

Dev Setup 🛠

Runs on port 3000


yarn migrate
yarn dev


npm i
npm run migrate
npm run dev

Docker 🐳

Runs on port 3000

docker-compose build
docker-compose up